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20 t/m 22 september 2024

Raid lowlands september

Raid Lowlands has firmly secured its spot on the Adventure Race World Series (ARWS) calendar, delivering two thrilling and triumphant events in Southern Limburg (NLD) and the Ardennes (BEL).

Raid lowlands september

With action-packed editions and participants from over 15 countries, Valkenburg, The Netherlands, became the heart of European adventure racing for two unforgettable weekends in May, for two consecutive years. As the largest Adventure Race event in Europe in terms of participant numbers, Raid Lowlands attracts adventurers from far and wide, making it an unrivaled experience in the continent.

In 2024, Raid Lowlands will again be part of the ARWS European Series, this time closing the competition as:


Raid Lowlands is a 200 kilometer adventure race and proud member of the ARWS European Series. The ARWS European Circuit is a collection of the best mid-distance adventure races in the European region. In 2024 Raid Lowlands will host the Adventure Race European Championship. Raid Lowlands offers your team an unforgettable physical and mental challenge. Your team will be tested to the limit on foot, mountain bike and kayak in the most beautiful surroundings of the Lowlands. Finishing is an enormous achievement for you and your team! Teams are allowed a maximum of 36 hours to complete the course, after 36 hours the race will be terminated. 

Certainly the fastest teams will finish the adventure race a lot faster, depending on the race you should think of 20 to 24 hours. The majority of teams will take approximately 28 to 36 hours to complete the adventure race. It is possible to shorten the race, so every team is able to make it to the finish line within 36 hours, this we call: short course. 

During the race there are stages of different distances and of course different disciplines are raced. In addition to the usual adventure race disciplines, the race is complemented by special stages. The race program and logistic diagram will not be announced until shortly before the start.

Roughly you can assume the following distances per discipline:

  • 100% navigation

  • 55% mountain biking

  • 30% trekking

  • 10% paddling

  • 5% special stages


Exciting adventures await beyond the European Championship in September 2024, with additional Raid Lowlands races on the horizon! On May 11, 2024, gear up for another heart-pounding RL60 race covering approximately 60 kilometers. But that’s not all – we’re thrilled to announce an additional adventure: a parent-child race designed specifically for elementary school youth. Get ready to embark on a thrilling family journey into the world of adventure racing!

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